What’s the matter with Tennessee?

Good Lord, is Tennessee Rep. Richard Floyd (R-Some Other Planet) as dumb as he appears?

The man introduced a bill that would require everyone to use public restrooms that “match” the gender they were assigned at birth – as opposed to their actual gender. Rep. Floyd, it turns out, was motivated in this endeavor by the thought that a transgender woman might possibly be tinkling in the stall next to his wife or daughters, a situation that had apparently never occurred to him before.

As is usually the case when unfettered emotion meets lack of information, Rep. Floyd did not think things through. Take a look at the photographs on the left, Rep. Floyd. If your bill were to become law, and were actually enforced somehow, the gentlemen in these photographs would be required to use the same Tennessee public restrooms and dressing rooms as your wife and daughters. Do you think that you would like that? No? Congratulations, Sir. This is the first leg of your long road to recovery from being dumb as a box of hair.

We’ve had our own moments like this, but let’s hope they’re behind us now. I don’t think that it’s in the best interests of Loudoun County to be compared to such things.

Although there was initially a patron for the bill in the state Senate, he has now withdrawn it. Senator Bo Watson allows as to how he had agreed to sponsor the bill “as a standard courtesy to local House members.” That’s nice, but wouldn’t it really have been more courteous to just tell him that it was stupid?

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