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David Blankenhorn’s anguish

David Blankenhorn presents himself as an anomaly: A secular “liberal” activist against marriage equality who isn’t anti-gay. He has participated in intelligent and principled debates with pro-marriage equality conservatives such as Jonathan Rauch and the Cato Institute’s Dale Carpenter – … Continue reading

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Did Chuck really mean to say that?

Crossposted at Loudoun Progress This is an interesting one from Chuck Colson (of Prison Fellowship Ministries; read more about them here). In case you’re not aware, PFM operates a tax-free multi-million dollar headquarters located in Ashburn, and founder Chuck Colson … Continue reading

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Faith in Public Life – LCRC style

The Loudoun County Republican Committee has invited Bishop Harry Jackson of D.C. anti-marriage fame to speak at their “Ronald Reagan Lecture Series”. Here are the details of the event. The Role of Faith in Public Life “If we ever forget … Continue reading

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Hate gets me attention; what’s the problem?

Crossposted at Loudoun Progress The Loudoun Times-Mirror this week published a very peculiar interview with Eugene Delgaudio. The first thing that jumps out at you is the incompetence. There is video, from which the reporters (the task required two of … Continue reading

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Loudoun Progress

This is just a heads-up to let readers know of a new group blog in Loudoun for which I will be a contributor. Loudoun Progress is the joint project of four local bloggers: Paradox13 from Leesburg Tomorrow; Doorbellqueen from The … Continue reading

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The kind of monster our AG would listen to

As noted in the previous post, George “Rentboy” Rekers provided his “expertise” in the Florida case that resulted in the overturning of that state’s odious anti-gay adoption law – the law that was the model for a bill in Virginia … Continue reading

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The George Rekers connection

Naturally, it has to do with those peas in an odd pod Dick Black and Ken Cuccinelli. In case you’ve been under a rock: George Rekers, who had made a lucrative career of anti-gay activism until discovered returning from a … Continue reading

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