Bullied: A Student, A School And A Case That Made History

Screening and panel discussion
Saturday, December 4, 2-4:00 pm
Handley Library Auditorium
100 W. Piccadilly St., Winchester

You may have noticed recently the remaining anti-gay fringe imploding in a phantasmagoric backlash, managing in the process to get some more of itself identified as hate groups. It’s children and young people who bear the brunt of this backlash, and we owe it to them to protect them. Sanctioned bullying of the powerless is not something that anyone should be asked to “tolerate.”

Bullied is the story of a student who fought back, and who has made it known that what happened to him should never happen to anyone else. It’s excellent, and timely.

Below is more information about the showing in Winchester, and a showing in Loudoun is date TBA. You can read more about the documentary (available at no charge to any school) at the above link, but I wanted to highlight this question and answer from the discussion guide:

Why is a film on anti-gay bullying necessary?

Some educators are wary of raising issues relating to sexual orientation or gender identity because the subject is seen as politically or religiously charged. While they would promptly take action in the case of bullying based on race, religion or ethnicity, they may hesitate when bullying is based on sexual orientation or the perception that a student is gay.

“They may hesitate.” Because, incredibly, there are people who claim for themselves a right to abuse children who are, or are perceived to be, gay, lesbian, bisexual or gender variant. As much as some might want to think that zero tolerance for bullying (or employment discrimination, for that matter) “for any reason” is a sufficient remedy, the truth is that there will always be bullies who falsely believe that their own reasons for the behavior are special and exempt. The fact that they are not exempt has to be spelled out.

Magic Lantern Theater is an nonprofit film group in Winchester.

MLT Members & Friends, this is to advise of a very special event scheduled for the afternoon of December 4. An initiative of the Coalition of Racial Unity, it will include a showing of the new documentary film, “Bullied,” followed by a panel discussion of the issue of youth bullying in our community. The Friends of Handley Regional Library and Magic Lantern are co-sponsors of this important program – hope you can join us!

Saturday, December 4, 2-4 p.m.

This new documentary by the Southern Poverty Law Center tells the story of Jamie Nabozny, a student who stood up to his anti-gay tormentors and filed a federal lawsuit against his school district. The suit led to a landmark court decision finding that school officials could be held accountable for not stopping anti-gay abuse. NR; 40 minutes.

  • Place: Handley Library Auditorium, 100 W. Piccadilly St., Winchester;
  • Panel discussion following the film;
  • Co-Sponsored by the Coalition for Racial Unity and the Friends of Handley Regional Library;
  • Free & Open to the Public;
  • More info: crubridges@yahoo.com, www.magiclanterntheater.org; info@magiclanterntheater.org or call 540-678-0963.
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