No medal for you, pal

Meh. I’m going to have to give this performance a low score. Described to me as “classic Gozé,” it’s essentially the same program he performed four (okay, five) years ago; for crying out loud, at least come up with a new trick or two. I’m afraid that Paul Gozé’s career high point was the time he told the School Board that sexual orientation is “like smoking,” i.e. “if you don’t smoke, you are not a smoker, and if you don’t engage in homosexual behavior, you are not a homosexual.” For some reason, and I’m not suggesting that I know what that reason is, he found it very important to make that statement.

Also, although you can only see part of the front row in the video, note that there were many children in the audience listening to this rant about “oral sex clubs” and “explicit sex acts between pre-school children.” Delegate Marshall claims that his action was at the request of “constituents.” Here you can see the sort of constituents to whom he answers.

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