“Controversy” over county hiring policy based on merit takes turn for the pathetic

The grandstanding continues. In a completely unsurprising development, anti-gay ideologue Delegate Bob “Virginia’s Chief Homophobe” Marshall has requested an opinion from anti-gay ideologue AG Ken Cuccinelli on the Board of Supervisor’s amendment to our county Equal Employment Opportunity policy. Mr. Cuccinelli can issue whatever political opinion he wishes; it won’t change the reality of the law.

Besides, the more that Mr. Delgaudio, Mr. Marshall, and their foul-mouthed shock troops say about our community, the stronger the case becomes that the amendment was absolutely necessary. Please, keep talking.

Delegate challenges county vote on gay rights

February 17, 2010
By Crystal Owens

Del. Bob Marshall (R-south-central Loudoun) is challenging the legality of a recent decision by Loudoun supervisors to include language in the county’s employment policy forbidding discrimination against homosexual and transgender individuals.

Marshall has asked state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for an opinion on whether the county Board of Supervisors had the authority to vote on such an issue.

Local government, under Dillon’s Rule, are allowed to do only what the state allows them to do, he said.

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Meanwhile, the crew at Too Conservative continues its marathon session of insisting that “nobody cares about this.” Too funny.

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3 Responses to “Controversy” over county hiring policy based on merit takes turn for the pathetic

  1. liz says:

    As Roy Zimmerman says, “If you’re two consenting adults, and which of us isn’t? It’s nobody’s business who you love…”

  2. David says:

    Which is equally true if you’re straight, I should add. I did notice that the reporter got the description of the policy wrong. I know it’s convenient shorthand, but it’s factually wrong. Posted on the Loudoun Times-Mirror site:

    I’m afraid that Mr. Marshall’s remarks demonstrate that he is ill-equipped to participate in this discussion. He clearly doesn’t understand (or has not read) Loudoun’s Equal Employment Opportunity policy if he believes that it has the effect of “carving out an exception for homosexuals or transgenders [sic].”

    To the contrary, the policy says nothing about specific sexual orientations or gender identities. What the added language actually does is protect *everyone* from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Everyone – whether they are gay or straight, transgender or cisgender – should be free from the fear of discrimination in the workplace on the basis of these irrelevant characteristics.

    Here is the irony: If obsessed individuals like Mr. Marshall and Mr. Delgaudio had their way, special exceptions in the law would be “carved out” to accommodate their pet prejudices. Thank goodness our Board said no to that.

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