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Marriage equality: A way in

First, please forgive me for sharing this bit of unintentional humor. In the midst of a recent (yay!) substantive discussion about the meaning of the much-abused term “conservative,” a commenter who goes by the handle “t” (that’s supposed to be … Continue reading

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Why do anti-gay activists hate capitalism?

When we first saw this letter in the Purcellville Gazette (from “William A., age 10”) it brought to mind another western Loudoun family in which the adults use children to promote their own anti-gay proclivities. In one instance, two young … Continue reading

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Framing us as “the enemy”

Update: How could I have neglected to include the violent rhetoric of Manassas blogger Greg Letiecq in my sample? Incredibly, Letiecq made this statement shortly after the murders in Knoxville. Thank you, Bruce Roemmelt. You can ultimately herd leftists no … Continue reading

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Massachusetts is closer

Closer than California, although the west coast certainly has its charms as a wedding destination. On July 29, the Massachusetts House agreed with the state Senate, voting 119 to 36 to repeal a 1913 law (“a shameful vestige from another … Continue reading

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More inconvenient truth

People who rely on the simplistic formulation of “male and female” as the mutually exclusive “complementary halves of humanity” to justify their anti-gay and anti-transgender bias have yet another inconvenient news item to ignore. It seems that the organizers of … Continue reading

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