Time to get serious

Roanoke Times, August 1, 2006

Marriage amendment can be defeated:
Mason-Dixon poll shows that the measure’s support isn’t as overwhelming as opponents may have feared.

Few people were probably shocked by a poll showing that a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and civil unions is favored in Virginia. The only surprising thing about the poll numbers is that the margin was as low as it was: 56 percent supporting to 38 percent opposed, with 6 percent undecided.

Great editorial. It would have been even better if they had pointed out that the polling question left out the most important two-thirds of the amendment that people will actually be voting on. When they see the whole thing, support drops well below 50%.

There is a more informative piece in the August 4 Virginia Pilot:

Only half the story on marriage edict

Meanwhile, the Some Families Foundation, in their inimitable urgent tone, tells us that “polls don’t mean anything” in August. Translated, this means they’re getting worried.

We can win this one, folks. We just have to do the work. For crying out loud, all we’re asking people to do is read the darn thing before they vote. Contact us to see how you can help.

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