“NoVa4marriage” launches. Hilarity ensues.

Our anti-gay friends from NoVA Townhall have launched their website pimping for the Marshall-Newman amendment.

A brief frolic through the linkfarm yields this gem:

“It is the hope of the homosexual community that if they can masquerade as successful parents, as the all-American family next door, that our resistance to their also being married will weaken.”

Somebody help me here. How does one tell the difference between someone who is “masquerading” as a successful parent, and someone who actually is a successful parent? If it turns out that I am indeed masquerading, does that mean that my son is masquerading as a successful person?

Another linked source cites the studies of same sex parenting outcomes and actually presents the slightly increased flexibility in gender roles of these children as a negative. We are not making this up. The conclusions of “studies that show that sons of lesbians are less masculine and that daughters of lesbians are more masculine” are characterized as, quote, “Children raised in SS homes experience gender and sexual disorders.”

Also worth noting: It’s impossible to navigate through this nonsense without stumbling over this or that version of “God’s design,” which would seem to threaten that whole “we’re not trying to impose one religious view of marriage, we’re making secular arguments” thing.

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