It’s the economy, stupid.

Another editorial from the series on GLBT life in the Daily Press:

Intolerance is costly:
Marriage amendment would hurt our ability to lure companies here
May 28, 2006
By John Sternlicht

If Virginia voters endorse the Marshall/Newman amendment, the so-called “marriage protection” amendment, we would be shooting ourselves in the foot when it comes to attracting high-tech workers and cutting-edge companies.

Does Virginia want to be part of the knowledge economy or not?

In enshrining this redundant and unnecessary intolerance in our Bill of Rights, we Virginians move to abridge the rights of unmarried citizens of any stripe in a way no sister state has done before. Far from “promoting marriage,” we are limiting our economic opportunities and those of the next generation [emphasis added].

That should be the Some Families Foundation tagline: We must ensure that we limit economic opportunities for future generations. Because that’s what people who are threatened by objective information do.

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