Gay voices in Hampton Roads

The Hampton Roads Daily Press is running a series of feature articles and editorials called Out Here: Gay voices on family, faith and friendship in Hampton Roads.

The series started on Sunday in the section “The Good Life,” and will run for three weeks. It includes an opportunity for readers to submit questions to a panel (today’s question: “What does the Bible say about homosexuality?”), and they are also posting the daily feedback from readers, here. (You can find feedback from previous days by searching with the keywords “feedback gay.”)

Editorials include one on the Marshall-Newman amendment by Claire Gastañaga, and a brief overview of the science of sexual orientation. Together despite the odds profiles several gay and lesbian couples living a typical suburban life, and provides a good illustration of all the little ways our families’ security is threatened, in spite of our best efforts to put protections in place.

The editors are doing an excellent job responding with polite regard to the frothy bullies who threaten to cancel their subscriptions because they can’t stand this much reality in their morning paper: We’re sorry you feel that way, but our job is to cover the whole community.

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  1. Tom says:

    Here’s a link to the “Out There” series articles and opinion pieces all on one page:,1,5778006.storygallery