Yes, it is about hate.

The local far righties over at NoVA Townhall have outdone themselves with a post linking to an article about the Transgender Health Initiative Survey. This is a study sponsored by VCU and the Virginia Department of Health to assess the availability of appropriate health care for transgender Virginians, and will be used to train health care providers and otherwise improve access to care.

Because of prejudice, or simply lack of knowledge on the part of health care providers, transgender people face numerous barriers to accessing basic health care, let alone transition-related care. Compounded by employment and housing discrimination – still perfectly legal in Virginia – this leads to greatly increased vulnerability to life-threatening health problems, a dangerous situation for members of our community that needs to be corrected.

“This makes me angry,”

says the pseudonymous poster.

Angry that an extremely vulnerable, at-risk population – dehumanized because of a medical condition – might gain access to the basic health care that saves lives.

If this isn’t a textbook example of pure hatred, I don’t know what is.

The survey is located here.

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