This kid’s got courage

With all the recent upheaval in local media, it’s a pleasure and a relief to see that the Loudoun Times-Mirror is still in good hands. Folks may want to drop them a line to say thank you.

Loudoun Times-Mirror
April 18, 2006

Everyone wants to be equal.

It’s not that much to ask.

When U.S. Sen. George Allen stopped in Culpeper last month for some small-town politicking, a high school student with Loudoun ties didn’t back down during a question-and-answer session.

Tully Satre, who attends Notre Dame Academy in Middleburg, is founder/director of Equality Fauquier-Culpeper ““ a gay rights advocacy organization.

“I can’t get married [in this state],” Satre said.

Sen. Allen responded, “Sure, you can get married.”

The back-and-forth exchange proved interesting.

Tully Satre spoke of acceptance, tolerance and a certain freedom from prejudice. He challenged Sen. Allen for opposing legislation classifying crimes against gay men and lesbians as hate crimes. Allen also recently co-sponsored a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships.

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