50-50 split on amendment poll

The results of the Too Conservative poll on the Marshall-Newman amendment are posted. Of 300 respondents, it was a 50-50 split.

This means absolutely nothing other than what it is on its face: A sample of people who read Virginia political blogs are evenly divided. It’s another data point, though.

And Vince at Too Conservative had this to say on Raising Kaine:

I was speaking to a bunch of hardright GOPers tonight about this.

We all agreed…the amendment is just unneccesary and vicious.

If it stopped at the first sentence I would support it…but to continue on and stop any hope of civil unions ect. is ridiculous.

What kind of Christians want to spend ther lives ruining others lives?

We need to be civil on this issue as Republicans, and this amendment is not civil. If it passes it will be challenged and struck down.

How far out on a limb will the supporters of this amendment have to go when conservative Christian Republican activists think it’s vicious?

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