Once Shunned, Student Knows He’s No Longer Alone

Teen Has Started Gay Rights Group In Outer Suburbs
Loudoun Extra
September 8, 2005
By Aymar Jean

Somehow, word spread. To this day, Tully Satre, 16, does not know how his entire middle school found out three years ago that he was attracted to males. Satre, who was shy and still closeted, lost all his friends. He said teachers at his Catholic school told his parents he was gay and began treating him differently.

“I felt like a circus animal,” said Satre, a lanky 6-foot-3 Culpeper resident entering his junior year at Notre Dame Academy in Middleburg. “I’ve had people spit at my feet. I’ve had people give me harmful remarks.”

From the day he discovered that everyone knew about his sexuality, life has not been easy for Satre, but it has been getting better. His grades fell but have since improved. Although he has heard hurtful comments from peers and strangers, he said his parents are very supportive.

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