Discrimination is Illegal

Loudoun Connection
June 1, 2005

Mr. Nuzzaco, Mr. Guzman, Mr. Geurin and Mr. Ohneiser finally had to admit that it wasn’t “sexual interaction” or “depiction of sexual acts” or “sexual themes” that they really object to. They had to admit that they think a kiss between two people of the opposite sex is perfectly appropriate, but even an implied kiss between two people of the same sex is “lewd,” “shameful” and possibly even “obscene.” That is viewpoint discrimination, pure and simple.

The fact that they so carefully resisted saying that in plain English reveals their guilty knowledge that what they really want to do is illegal. The play that they object to had a strong message of compassion and personal integrity, and conveyed the viewpoint that gay people are part of our society and are entitled to the same respect, dignity and happiness as everyone else.

Discriminating against that viewpoint is still illegal, no matter what words they may try to disguise it with.

David Weintraub
President, Equality Loudoun

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