View the Whole; Not Pieces

Loudoun Connection
March 17, 2005

In my statement to the School Board reported by this paper [‘Debate over Play Continues,’ March 11, 2005], I described myself as a proud parent, a family man, a citizen concerned about the moral depravity of American culture, a Christian who attends church weekly, and a gay man who is happily married to my partner of 22 years. I told the Board that the last attribute should be inconsequential to them in terms of equal treatment for my family.

That the author of the article chose to identify me solely by the one attribute that I said ought to be inconsequential proves the point I was attempting to make.

The composition of some real families in our county is being made an issue by elected officials who are allowing their personal prejudices to interfere with the performance of their jobs. Singling out one attribute of students or their families and defining it incorrectly as “prurient” is an insulting and dangerous misrepresentation. It certainly doesn’t teach good citizenship.

Jonathan Weintraub

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