Use energies elsewhere

Loudoun Easterner
February 23, 2005
By Renee Dean

Re: the article from the Feb. 9 edition regarding the Stone Bridge High School play: Mr. Staton states “why are different groups allowed to offend the beliefs of Christians with impunity?” I am hoping that he is speaking only for himself and those who are just as close-minded as he is.

Please, Mr. Staton, speak for yourself and not for all Christians. As a Christian, I am taught to love and tolerate others. And, Mr. Guzman who stated that he thinks that regarding high school plays “everything needs to be G-rated and family oriented.” Is he saying that those people who have gay family members are not family oriented? Don’t they shop, eat, entertain, and have jobs just like any other family?

So, all of you out there who have your feathers in an uproar, please use those energies for causes more worthy of your time. How about the homeless, impoverished or abused in our county? Jump on a bandwagon that is working towards the betterment of people instead of picking on a cause that threatens you in some way. I applaud those kids and teachers who supported this play. They simply were bringing a light to a lifestyle that is everywhere around us. They were not afraid to present their ideas, knowing that those ideas probably would make some people uncomfortable. Please don’t stifle the creativity of our youth!

Renee Dean

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