Oppose Censorship – Support Our Students

Not only have anti-gay legislators submitted a bill to prohibit students from organizing gay-straight alliances in their schools, now Delegate Dick Black is trying to impose censorship on student drama productions. He is apparently offended that a student-written and directed play presented at Stone Bridge High School acknowledges the fact that everyone in the world isn’t heterosexual. Silencing students won’t change reality, Dick, no matter how much you wish it would.

Contact the School Board and Superintendent and tell them that our public schools are not a place for thought police to impose their personal agendas. Allowing a vocal minority to silence our students, encourage bullying and censor library material violates the rights of our families and denies our students the excellent education we expect from Loudoun County public schools.

If you prefer, contact individual school board members.

Tell them in person:

School Board meeting
Tuesday, February 8 (2nd and 4th Tuesday)

6:30 pm
102 North St., NW
Leesburg, VA 20176

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