Anti-bullying lesson

Loudoun Easterner
January 12, 2005

To the Editor:

When I read the article of Supervisor Delgaudio’s efforts to stop D.A.R.E. and end the anti-bullying programs that Loudoun County provides, I was amazed that anyone could speak with such spite about programs that are provided to help the county’s children. Now, after reading the letter Mr. Baldwin wrote to the paper (12/29/04 issue) backing Supervisor Delgaudio, I couldn’t help but write.

How can anyone tie anti-bullying programs to just homosexuality? A bully will attack regardless of race, religion, or sexuality. A bully is someone that believes that they deserve everything, and someone smaller, or weaker deserves nothing. A bully is a closed minded person, that does not accept others for who they are.

Mr. Baldwin closes his letter with the following: “If anything, Virginia’s schools should be teaching that the homosexual lifestyle is dangerous. Our schools teach that smoking, drinking and drugs are unhealthy.” Actually, I believe our schools teach that drinking and drugs are unhealthy through a program called D.A.R.E., which Supervisor Delgaudio is hoping to end. There is also nothing dangerous about a homosexual lifestyle – there is danger in unprotected sex. I think the schools would do best by teaching our children about the dangers of dealing with people who are so closed minded and filled with hate. In fact, I think they do need the “anti-bullying” program.

Toby Abrahamsen

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