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This just in from Box Turtle Bulletin (where they read all the “urgent” appeals for money from Loudoun County Supervisor/hate group director Delgaudio so you don’t have to): I think it’s hilarious that he says that “supporters raised thousands of … Continue reading

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How far will the “Courthouse Gang” go to protect Delgaudio?

As reported in the Washington Post yesterday, Arlington County commonwealth’s attorney Theo Stamos says she never received the records and documents provided by former Delgaudio county aide Donna Mateer that support her allegations of his misuse of office. Stamos received … Continue reading

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Waking up now?

This is absolutely dead on, and what we’ve been saying to those people trying to either dismiss or defend Mr. Delgaudio for years now. Rob Tisinai does more than just point it out, though; he walks us through it, in … Continue reading

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It’s not personal

I think that must be what the rioting Penn State students and anyone else making excuses would say to the victims of child rapist Jerry Sandusky, if they felt the need to say anything to them at all. Sorry you … Continue reading

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