Can We Do Whatever We Want?

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Purcellville Gazette, August 15, 2008

I am amazed at the number of people making moral statements in support of homosexuality and against anyone who publicly states a Biblical opposition to it. I wonder where they get the moral authority for the “tolerance” they want to impose on everyone?

And if they demand we accept homosexuality, on what grounds do they oppose polygamy, incest, or other practices not fit to mention? Every argument you can make about why we must “tolerate” one practice you can make about the others. Once you have thrown out the Biblical standard of one man, one woman, the only moral authorities you have left are personal or popular opinion. That’s why 30-40 years ago you couldn’t even talk openly about homosexuals, and now they are demanding to be “married”–opinions change. So to those of you demanding tolerance, are you going to be consistent and demand tolerance for every practice under the sun? Or are you polygaphobic?

You can dress up a pig any way you like, but the real issue here is whether we can do whatever we want or there is a Higher Authority. If there is no God, then might makes right. If there is in fact a Creator, then you have to answer to Him, and our personal beliefs don’t change that, any more than a rejection of gravity would allow one to fly.

Mitch Turner, Hamilton

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