Mark Sell: Not really the best spokesman

Submitted without further comment:

These types of attacks only take focus away from the issues Loudoun County residents are concerned about, such as education, transportation and taxes. – Loudoun County Republican Committee Chair Mark Sell, in response to a petition calling for hate group director Eugene Delgaudio’s resignation from public office.

Mark Sell, second from right, participating in a Delgaudio hate group stunt.

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4 Responses to Mark Sell: Not really the best spokesman

  1. liz says:

    One thing I agree with, it’s a waste of time to petition Delgaudio to resign. It is not, however, a waste of time to draw attention to the fact that the LCRC, the Loudoun Times Mirror, and many so-called upstanding members of the Loudoun community literally embrace this purveyor of hate-for-profit.

    They should be burying their faces in shame.

  2. Erik says:

    Sorry, homosexual or lesbian life style is a sin. Delguadio does not agree with or promote this life style. It is not hate, thats wrong to say that because he does not agree. There are extrodinary, inteligent and talented gay and lesbian people that contribute to society, thats well known. I truley believe there is a rightous god with a moral standard. God ordained and defined marriage is a man and a women. Look, he his standing up for values which he is convicted to be true. There is everybodys belief, then the absolute truth. The truth will stand, there is nothing any of us can do about it. Americans really need to agree to disagree, then we can all get along.

  3. Erik says:

    Delguidio does need to make a priority of education, transportation and taxes for county residents. After all he was elected. I believe a secular government serves the people best. A secular government is an unbiased government.

  4. David says:

    Erik, being the person one was created to be is never a sin (I assume this is what you mean by the fictitious term “homosexual or lesbian life style”). What is sinful is knowingly pretending to be someone you are not, living without integrity. And it is definitely sinful to bear false witness against other people, or to demand that they live truncated lives, without the full range of human intimacy.

    As for Mr. Delgaudio standing up for values which he is convicted to be true, that is an understandable misperception on your part. Mr. Delgaudio has admitted that he doesn’t really care whether LGBT people have civil equality – it’s just a convenient issue that his “constituents” (meaning those on his solicitation lists) care about. The only value he is convicted about is making money. If you truly believe that LGBT people should be second class citizens because of your interpretation of some biblical passages, at least understand that your sincere belief is being exploited for financial gain by a charlatan. It’s true that he was elected, and it’s also true that he will be tried before a grand jury for his criminal behavior in that position.

    With regard to your beliefs about what the Bible says, I ask you to recall that the church at one time also stubbornly clung to the “truth” that the earth is the center of the universe, the “truth” that left-handed people are possessed by demons, and the “truth” that dark-skinned people are an inferior sort of creature intended for servitude, all using interpretation of biblical passages to support these beliefs. The belief you hold that non-heterosexual unions are sinful is just as misguided. Still, you have every right to hold it. We can “agree to disagree” as long as you understand that your belief may not infringe on the civil rights of others.