Next up: Gay ninjas

Some Wednesday amusement (via Joe. My. God.): Apparently, there’s an annual event in Florida called the Gasparilla Festival, and Eugene has discovered it. Sort of.

The comments are the best. I love it when folks from other parts of the country can’t quite believe he’s real. Anyway, the Gasparilla Festival turns out to be quite the disappointment.

i live in tampa and quite frankly most gay people i know stay away from gasparilla. it has become quite the drunken heterofest over the past few years..

The streets of ybor [neighborhood in Tampa] later on at night are riddled with little hetero boys with camera phones held high in the air trying to get a nip flick from the drunk girl that has 150 other guys crowding her trying for the same thing.

Regarding Eugene’s line “Organizers started by purposefully making the parade route zig-zag so no one could call it a ‘straight parade'”

I never heard of anything like this going on but the streets are zig-zagged because it follows the shoreline. Has this person even ever been to Tampa?

..somehow I don’t think it’s the HOMOSEXUAL pirates who are screaming “SHOW US YOUR TITS” at women.

Finally, me:

He’s real, alright. But it’s all about the money. He doesn’t actually believe any of the defamatory and frankly, violence-inciting crap he says, and has admitted as much in private.

The problem with Eugene isn’t that he’s a tormented, self-hating pedophile, which is how he appears. The problem with Eugene is that he’s a very clever, amoral sociopath who doesn’t care who gets hurt as long as he can line his pockets. His behavior may be amoral, but so far it’s not illegal. He has a tiny little following of gullibles and haters – he actually laughs at them – who can keep electing him because he represents a tiny little district. With redistricting this year that’s about to change. Write me offline if you want to learn about his opponent(s).

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2 Responses to Next up: Gay ninjas

  1. liz says:

    I hope that every place/organization/whatever that Eugene attacks will help raise money to defeat him.

  2. David says:

    Liz, the hardest thing seems to be convincing people that he’s actually real, lol.