The sun is rising, and I see the future

Awesome video smackdown to the ludicrous NOM below. (Come on, pretend you’re “a California doctor” and say it with me: “a storm is gathering…the clouds are dark, and the winds are strong…and I am AFRAID..” You know you want to.) Parody has it’s place, for sure, but nothing beats real people talking about their real families and real lives.

A special note for poor, truth-challenged Maggie: I know, it’s really not fair for us to talk about our own lives. You and your anti-equality colleagues would be able to get away with so much more confabulation if we would just be quiet and let you do all the talking about our lives instead. That’s what anti-gay bullying, discrimination and violence is all about; it’s intended to make it too costly for us to speak up and live our lives with integrity. That did work, for a time. You will no doubt cling for hope to those instances in which it still works, where for example eleven year old children hang themselves with electrical cords, or perhaps look to other parts of the world, like Iraq or Uganda, for inspiration. I feel very sorry for you, as you turn in tighter and tighter circles trying to justify these things.

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