Magic 8

The notes taken by an apparent infiltrator on the July 30 conference call between anti-marriage pastors and leaders of the anti-gay right include this action plan for campaigning against California’s Prop 8:

The campaign’s volunteer recruitment is built around an “8 for 8” theme, asking pastors to recruit 8 other pastors for next month’s call. Among action items for pastors:

Urge people to pray 8 minutes every morning and evening at 8 for passage of Prop 8; Urge people to enlist 8 other people to join 8 for 8 plan; Give at least $8 to protect for each member of the family, or $88, or $888; Starting on 8/8/08, begin to volunteer, offer services of work 8 hours for the campaign; Send a note of encouragement to at least 8 other pastors who are standing for marriage; Register at least 8 other people to vote – get 8 other people to apply for permanent vote by mail; Contact 8 families and ask them to participate in the family voting weekend

Today, Janet Parshall (of Janet Parshall’s America) was discussing the opening ceremonies of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, specifically the fact that they began precisely at 8:08, 08.08.08:

Those people think there’s some magic involved in those numbers…when you don’t believe in God, I guess you have to believe in superstition.

How could you, Janet? How could you?

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