You Can’t Fool Mother Nature – So Why Even Try?

Finally, the anti-gay industry admits that we are family – not scare quotes “family” – real family. Here is a quote from a recent Chuck Colson commentary on assisted reproduction.

The biggest irony of all, of course, is that a biblical worldview teaches us that there is no escaping the Creator’s design for our lives and our families. Even those families doing their best to be different – homosexual couples, mothers who deliberately decide to exclude fathers, or couples trying to create “designer babies” often end up trying to create a family as “traditional” and normal as possible.

Colson titled the commentary “You Can’t Fool Mother Nature”, but he’s not talking about nature at all. He’s talking about culture, and his writing echoes marriage industry talking points. If this were truly about nature, there would be no need for taxpayer funded Healthy Marriage Initiatives, conservative think tank policy papers, phony social science non sequiturs and conservative Christian/anti-gay culture wars.

There may be a breakthrough here. Somewhere, deep inside his commentary, Colson admits that we are family and that perhaps love (nurture) is more important or just as important as biology (nature). His piece illuminates a refreshing split between the “kinder gentler” Prison Fellowship Breakpoint and the harsher FRC, but that doesn’t stop Colson from slurring our community with the supposition that we are “doing [our] best to be different”.

If he could read our minds, he’d know that he’s wrong. We’re doing our best to live our lives with honesty and integrity, and to assimilate into the community that we grew up in…our community. We are not trying to be different.

Colson’s fallacy is a case of mistaken identity. He thinks he knows us – not from any actual first-hand experience – but from rumors and talking points whispered and repeated ad nauseum by the AGI in the hope that they can turn our neighbors against us and cast us out as pariahs. It’s not a very Christian thing to do, and Colson knows it. His organization has already been caught in a web of deceit. If any of our readers can explain why Colson does this, we’d like to know why. In the mean time, he and the BreakPoint staff may want to pray and meditate on Romans 2:

“Therefore, you have no excuse, whoever you are, when you judge others; for in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself…”

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