Must…attack…the gays

I suppose this doesn’t really merit a whole post, but it’s just too funny:

…Days like this make me feel good about being a social conservative.

Equality [fill in the blank] members can eat crow here.

This remark concerns the advance in biomedical science, announced yesterday, that allows adult human skin cells to be turned into stem cells.

(At this point you may be wondering when Equality Loudoun has taken a position on stem cell research, or how in the world this might relate to our mission. Yeah, I can’t find it either.)

It looks to me like a person who goes by the name “Singleton” has such an itchy axe to grind that he couldn’t wait for a topic that’s actually relevant, and had to settle for this. I picture a kind of Night of the Living Dead scenario, in which he could no longer to resist the urge to engage in that..behavior. Must…attack….the GAYS…

I really can’t think of a better illustration of the fact that equality is winning.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all, enjoy. Even you, Singleton.

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