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But what if they don’t like the facts?

This “action alert” landed in my inbox a few days ago, from the reliably apoplectic Donald Wildmon. “Homosexuals,” it seems, are causing Montgomery County Public School students to be taught (of all the nerve) a health curriculum that is in … Continue reading

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Uh-oh. See what happens when you act like Jesus?

Below are excerpts from a letter sent to the Soulforce Equality Riders by a student at Dordt College, a biblically-based college in Sioux City, Iowa whose policies define same sex relationships as immoral conduct and grounds for expulsion or dismissal. … Continue reading

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The moral universe of Peter Pace

Update: The Washington Post says that someone of General Pace’s stature is obligated “to consider facts and evidence” when evaluating public policy, not his personal beliefs (and by the way, that experiment with recruiting felons like the guy who raped … Continue reading

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Chuck Colson has an agenda

Chuck Colson’s admiration of Rontrell Matthews’ work ethic is right on. Last summer, Rontrell Matthews walked into Capers Preparatory Christian Academy in a poor rural community with terrible public schools. Rontrell held out a check for $32.86 – his first … Continue reading

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What’s left of decent conservativism

Well, what can one say, other than thank our lucky stars for Andrew Sullivan? This seems all too applicable to our own local “not anti-gay” folks. It was just a joke, people (so spake the talking heads on Hannity), a … Continue reading

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Help is on the way for gay PHC students

When the axe walked into the forest the tree said, the handle is one of us. — Alice Walker We’ve seen several recent examples of what can happen when GLBT people are raised to hate themselves for who they are. … Continue reading

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Quick, get the dictionary and look up “angel”

I noticed the other day that our friends over at NoVA Townhall were blogging the Conservative PAC conference, and chuckled in passing at Joe Budzinski’s fawning headline for Ann Coulter’s speech, “An angel alights.” As it turns out, the Coulter … Continue reading

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