“Cuckoo’s Nest” Letter – Thanks Leesburg Today!

Sometimes it takes a while for hateful messages to soak in. I think this may be the result of “putting on the armor of God” to wage political battle against an ideology bent on destroying our very existence. Last night, David asked me to describe the two anti-marriage letters in Leesburg Today. I remembered Robert H. Follett’s response to David’s letter, but could not remember the content of the second letter from Steve Ford of Delgaudio’s Sterling. Mr. Ford’s letter may be an Amendment #1 proponent’s outer limit for public expression of anti-gay sentiment.

If we need to legally restate the definition of marriage in order to protect vulnerable children from adult predators, then I’m all for it. And, I’d hope all Virginians would be.

I thought the anti-marriage crowd was “protecting children” from couples who must “procure” them [sic] because they can’t biologically reproduce, or from families who would “consciously deny a child a mother or a father”. Lord knows how “adult predator” rounds out the picture. I don’t think Mr. Ford is a bigot or a homophobe. He just needs help.

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3 Responses to “Cuckoo’s Nest” Letter – Thanks Leesburg Today!

  1. David says:

    Definitely Hall of Shame material (congratulations, Steve!). You know, I haven’t seen any objections from the Some Families Foundation to adult men marrying “underage girls.” I sure would like to. And I wonder, when there are states in which adult men can legally marry girls as young as 12 and 13 after they have impregnated them, what the meaning of “underage” could be in Steve’s mind?

    But of course, the point of the letter was to ever so vaguely connect two things that have no connection whatsoever – the pathological behavior of some heterosexual men and the GLBT community.

  2. Jonathan says:

    We may need to add a “blog post” category to the Hall of Shame.