Seek and Destroy

The ugly truth is being openly discussed.

Seek and destroy. That is the true objective behind the Marshall-Newman amendment. To seek out and destroy whatever security gay families may have been able to cobble together using contracts “intended to approximate” the security granted to other families via civil marriage. To seek out and destroy any sense of our being welcomed as full citizens in the Commonwealth. To seek out and destroy the belief that we are safe and accepted by our neighbors and communities.

Read this post by The Jaded JD. It is outstanding. It is disturbing. And it is brutally truthful. In his devastatingly rational manner, he explains why Virginia will no longer benefit from his presence. One imagines lesser lights such as Mr. Marshall curling up into a little ball, whimpering.

Nova Scout, now writing for Too Conservative, asks readers to carefully consider the question “why are we doing this.” For those on a search-and-destroy mission, the answer, although perhaps not shared in public, will be both unsurprising and unimportant. These are not minds that will be changed.

Those who are still trying to convince themselves that this is just about marriage and doesn’t involve anti-gay animus have some soul-searching to do. I disagree with JD that his words will not change minds. He has given honest people a great deal to think about, and his words are not going to be easy to dismiss.

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