School Board adopts theater policy

Loudoun Times-Mirror

June 15, 2005
By Shannon Sollinger

The School Board adopted a policy that will regulate theatrical presentations in the public schools late Tuesday night., putting final responsibility with the principal and the play sponsor.

William Chapman, School Board attorney, said the policy appeared to pass Constitutional muster, and should survive a legal challenge.

It is not clear whether the policy, had it been in place, would have prevented the production of “Offsides” at Stone Bridge High School in February. Author Sabrina Audrey Jess has denied that her work advocates anything but tolerance and understanding. No sexual acts occur in “Offsides,” although two boys appear to be closing in for a kiss when the house goes dark.

“Offsides” sparked the board’s search for a legally defensible policy restricting theatrical presentations. “Offsides,” student written and directed, dealt with homosexuality.

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