This is a show you won’t want to miss.

Not only must he resort to increasingly obvious lies (“Out of county disrupters”? Who would that be, exactly?) Mr. Delgaudio now extensively quotes the sex-obsessed Paul Goze, who can’t seem to remember exactly where he lives . .

To quote the infamous Stone Bridge High newsletter, this is a show you won’t want to miss.

*begin rant*

TUESDAY NIGHT– Tonight 6:30 P.M. TO ????

LEESBURG, VA. Tonight the room in the crowded and hot School Board room will be hushed for quiet. Out of county disrupters will hiss as fellow citizens beseech the board.

One man may approach the lectern when it is his chance. He is a father of one. He may read from a letter John Geddie of the Easterner published. Here is what Andrew Wallo says:

Dear School Board members, (Quote) I entreat you, “Do not permit our culture to errode its ethics. To replace positive peer-pressures with permissiveness and apathy under the misapplied label of tolerance. Or to further the VERY untolerant aims of individuals, who regularly believe that -tolerance of an individual’s beliefs- applies always in reference ‘to’ them but never ‘of’ them.” Do not be misdirected from your task. The loud applauding of the producer (of the play) by national lobby’s and of demanding overly funded activist groups are not your concern. Your concern is to guard and govern your small corner of the world with the interests of your voters, and with moral fortitude and forsight. Do not be swayed by claims of censorship. (unquote) Andrew Wallo

ANOTHER MAN, A FATHER OF SIX CHILDREN No Freedom of Speech For This Guy?

Another father, of six children, will take his turn and give his testimony. School board chairman John Andrews has angrily pounded his hands and ruled Paul Goze’s use of descriptive language out of order in the School board room. Paul Goze will attempt to say………..

(Quote) As you already know, rules exist within every discipline of life….. Likewise, you won’t let me stand here and use the terms homosexuals use to describe their behavior, because that violates rules of decorum, but cloak destructive sexual perversion in terms of “equality” and “tolerance” and it appears that you are willing”¦ to allow children”¦ to be subject to the misery, disease and death associated with homosexuality? Every one of us in this room knows that homosexuality is abnormal and wrong…..


It’s not like Loudoun has introduced anti homosexual classes. All people are asking for is not to allow promotion of it. The topic does not even have to be mentioned in school, just as incest or bestiality are not. But that’s not enough for the homosexual activist, they want access to our children’s minds in order to further social acceptance of their perversion, and encourage adolescent participation in it. And it appears that you are going to let them have their way.


But, before you capitulate, do a Google image search with the safe option turned “off” on the term “gay” and take a close look at the perverse images that appear. That is what you will personally be facilitating by refusing to take a position of courage by prohibiting the promotion of homosexuality. (UNQUOTE) Paul Goze.


The Loudoun County School Board Meeting is Tuesday June 14, 2005 at 6:30 pm at the LCPS Administrative Building, 102 North St., NW Leesburg, VA 20176 If you can speak, please do so. Be aware that speaking time may be just three minutes.

LATE BREAKING: There has been no full school board roll call vote held. The 5-member committee did not vote on the proposed Geurin policy on May 25th. It rushed to judgment and adopted a watered-down policy and added a prohibition only against obscenity which is already illegal. Several school board members have said they will seek to strengthen the general language of the proposed policy Tuesday night. We will see. Or perhaps you will see, if you go.



*end of rant*

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