Censoring School Plays

A School Board committee is trying to craft a policy on school productions.

Loudoun Connection

April 13, 2005
By Andrea Zentz

Members of a School Board committee will spend the next two weeks reviewing proposed guidelines for drama productions in an ongoing debate over censorship and First Amendment rights.

The Legislative/Policy Committee met last Thursday to consider two policies in response to complaints over a Stone Bridge High School play “Offsides.” The production explored homosexuality and featured two boys simulating a kiss.

Superintendent of Schools Edgar Hatrick suggested that responsibility for developing the guidelines should be given to him, and in turn, he would turn their implementation over to school principals. “It is my belief, it is ultimately the principal’s responsibility … to determine what plays ought to be performed,” he said. “They all accept the ‘principalship’ with the notion it is their responsibility to guide and direct what is going on at that school.”

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