House panel OKs bill discouraging adoption by gays, unmarrieds

The Virginian-Pilot
February 4, 2005
By Bill Sizemore

RICHMOND – A measure aimed at keeping homosexuals and unmarried couples from adopting children gained the approval of a House committee Thursday.

As originally introduced by Del. Richard H. Black, R-Loudoun, HB2921 was a flat prohibition on adoption by homosexuals.

But lawmakers were worried that an outright ban might not pass legal muster.

The amended measure directs adoption agencies, before recommending an adoption, to investigate whether an applicant “is known to engage in current voluntary homosexual activity or is unmarried and cohabiting with another adult to whom he is not related by blood or marriage.”

Black said his bill “preserves the Virginia tradition of having a mother and a father raise children.”

He said he hopes to stamp out gay adoptions, which “appear to be rather common.”

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