Delgaudio Criticized for Anti-Gay Rights Stance

Delgaudio denies using his elected office to further his anti-homosexual lobby.

The Loudoun Connection
December 15, 2004
By Andrea Zentz

Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) rejects critics’ characterization of him as homophobic and has denied misusing his elected office to promote his anti-gay rights lobbying job.

Delgaudio said Saturday that he is not opposed to gays, but he is against granting them “federal rights.” The U.S. Constitution guarantees rights for everyone, but he objects to giving homosexuals “special rights.” “Why should homosexuals have more rights?” he said.

He generated a flurry of criticism last week after he issued a “victory statement” applauding the Loudoun school district for dropping “pro-homosexual teaching lessons” from its anti-bullying program. School officials say they have never had those lessons, and School Board chairman John Andrews (Potomac) accused Delgaudio of misusing his office to promote fund-raising efforts for Public Advocate of United States. Clergy and a pro-homosexual, bisexual and transgender group also have publicly chastised the second-term supervisor for his positions.

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