Delgaudio Targets Schools With Anti-Gay Tirade

Leesburg Today
December 10, 2004
By Allen Browning

Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) chose Pearl Harbor Day to attack the school system for promoting “pro-homosexual teaching lessons,” prompting a response from school Superintendent Edgar B. Hatrick.

In an e-mail sent to his supporters from the “Public Advocate of the US,” which is the rabidly anti-gay group headed by Delgaudio, the Sterling supervisor took credit for getting the school system to “back off [its] gay program” after Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Services Douglas C. Holmes issued a memo to Hatrick indicating that the school’s anti bullying program was never about promoting sexual orientation, but about eliminating barriers to academic performance.

“Pro-homosexual teaching lessons often seen in other schools’ social programs have been dropped from Loudoun County’s ‘anti-bullying’ program,” Delgaudio wrote. “Thanks to the public attention, the kind of pro-homosexual propaganda slipped into other schools’ curricula will not be coming to Loudoun. Schools will tell you they weren’t planning on indoctrinating kids with liberal propaganda, but it eventually happens virtually every time.” Hatrick contained his response in a two-page memo to the school board, telling them that “the information in [Delgaudio’s] message is inaccurate.”

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