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On exceptions to “all”

Students, all students, should feel safe at school. All students should be protected from bullying. Comedian Keith Deltano demonstrates that the interpretation of “all” can carry exceptions, and that those exceptions can be made invisible through omission. In October 2011, Deltano … Continue reading

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Wasting time with Bob Marshall

I don’t know why he called me back. Either he had the time to waste, or he felt the need to waste my time, which could have been better spent in Bible study: So teach us to number our days, … Continue reading

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An amendment, not a revision

I just had an ‘aha’ moment. We can solve all the pal’n around with Christianists who hate ‘the gays’ and expensive constitutional amendments and all that angst with a few simple amendments to the bible. Let’s amend it to fit … Continue reading

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Bad Heterosexual

Breaking news: not all heterosexuals are good people, and the small number of gays and lesbians who pretend to be heterosexual aren’t necessarily good people, either. Pretending not to be gay or lesbian does not make you a good person. … Continue reading

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Thanks Loudoun Easterner

Instead of sending a private e-mail response to Jeryl Parade and Martin Casey (Loudoun Easterner Publisher and Editor respectively), I thought it more appropriate to publicly acknowledge and thank them for meeting a group of citizens concerned about “that controversial … Continue reading

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Vote NO and protect the marriage minority

To be married means to be outnumbered. Yes, marriage is threatened. Even for those for whom it is legal, many forgo because of the “false security of a wedding ring”. Help strengthen marriage by voting NO this November against Virginia’s … Continue reading

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Tell me again why a legal contract is sufficient?

I think this speaks for itself. A legal union removes questionability. I am sure the ruling that is expected in October will be a test of the “legal contracts” agrument of the amendment supporters and that Virginia’s so-called marriage amendment … Continue reading

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