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SB 66 State employment; discrimination prohibited.

I’ve been astounded by those local commentators who erroneously insist that “Virginia law already protects everyone” from discrimination, and that therefore the Loudoun board action was redundant. The fact that SB 66 is being heard in committee today would seem … Continue reading

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Calling “it” what it is

Another reason to be glad that there is once again an alternative news source in Western Loudoun. Welcome back, Blue Ridge Leader. What did he say? Sounds like members of the County Board- and others in our community- have taken … Continue reading

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This is non-negotiable

The WaPo reporter was there at the January 20 Board of Supervisors meeting (video here), and this story appeared yesterday in the Extra. Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene A. Delgaudio (R-Sterling), a longtime opponent of gay rights, is coming under increased … Continue reading

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When an apology is another attack

What you will see in this video is nearly all of our county supervisors taking their own board comment time to address behavior they see as so serious and potentially dangerous that they cannot remain silent. I can’t overemphasize how … Continue reading

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The gift that keeps on giving

Hat tip…oh, you know who you are. Read complete coverage of Eugene’s latest Big Adventure here.

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On learning new things

This is what we have learned about the Sterling Supervisor, Eugene Delgaudio: Not only is he the kind of person who would refer to other human beings as “it”; he is also 1) a liar; 2) the most pitiable sort … Continue reading

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Mandated by conscience and constitution

On January 5, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors adopted a motion by Supervisor Stevens Miller, adding “sexual orientation and gender identity” to the county government’s employment nondiscrimination policy. Here you can clearly see who was grandstanding and wasting board … Continue reading

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