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Virginia GOP doubles down on detachment from reality

In his television ad, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli attempts to reinvent himself as a progressive (i.e., he wants viewers to see him as someone who “stands up for the vulnerable,” who prioritizes the prevention of sexual assault, who volunteers … Continue reading

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Meet the woman who just told everyone she thinks of herself as a vagina.

Her name is “Natassia,” at least that’s the name she uses at the Patch. I won’t bore you with the rest of her moronic comment describing “openly homosexual boys” here, but this is how she ended it: “(And yes, a … Continue reading

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Reactions to Jason Collins in the Patch

Dusty Smith of the Ashburn Patch has a nice article up about reaction to the coming out of Wizards center Jason Collins. He interviewed the co-founders of Equality Loudoun for a local perspective. Washington Wizards center Jason Collins has won … Continue reading

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