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Loudoun “marriage amendment” chair indicted

Mark Tate, the Loudoun County Republican Committee campaign chair for last year’s so-called “marriage amendment” referendum has been indicted for campaign finance violations. See the Washington Post article. Tate is campaigning for the 27th VA Senate Republican nomination against Jill … Continue reading

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For crying out loud…

Mrs. Phillips, the game is over. Just confess that you had an ethical lapse and move on. Admitting a mistake and apologizing demonstrates character. Trying to spin your way out of an easily documented lie does not. This is rich: … Continue reading

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“Conservative” assimilationists

Our recent attempts at dialogue with local anti-gay blogger Barbara Curtis resulted only in deleted comments from her blog and a snarky aside purporting to explain why she’s not interested in an honest and open discussion about a subject she … Continue reading

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Phillips campaign falsely attributes statement to Equality Loudoun

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 22, 2007 Phillips campaign falsely attributes statement to Equality Loudoun Equality Loudoun today issued a statement concerning a campaign piece produced by the Patricia Phillips for Senate campaign. The mailer, also disseminated during the Republican primary … Continue reading

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Thanks for everything

This is the best take on Falwell’s legacy I’ve seen yet. In his way, he helped create the conditions for our community to make the advances toward equality that are accelerating so rapidly today. The vicious things Falwell said about … Continue reading

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A question of authenticity

Candorville on Monday: Cartoonist Darrin Bell has followed this with a very funny series exposing the opponents of the hate crimes bill, here, here, here and here. This was going to be a post about the Janet and Lisa Miller-Jenkins … Continue reading

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End of an era?

Jerry Falwell is dead. I’m not going to dance on his grave. Neither am I going to engage in false sanctimony in deference to those who no doubt loved him. I am mostly sad because there is now no possibility … Continue reading

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