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Seek and Destroy

The ugly truth is being openly discussed. Seek and destroy. That is the true objective behind the Marshall-Newman amendment. To seek out and destroy whatever security gay families may have been able to cobble together using contracts “intended to approximate” … Continue reading

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Old Dominion Beer Festival

The Commonwealth Coalition was invited to share the Loudoun County Democratic Committee booth at Old Dominion Beer Festival last weekend – the LCDC has unanimously passed a resolution opposing the Marshall-Newman amendment and joined the statewide Coalition formed to work … Continue reading

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The blogs are alive with the sound of malice

Recent posts by two conservative bloggers going negative on the Marshall-Newman amendment have apparently had quite an impact on the anti-gay right. Some of them have forgotten the instruction they have received from on high to Not. Sound. Hateful. Apparently … Continue reading

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Conservatives refusing to be radicals

I’m Not Emeril has posted a fine article making the conservative case for opposing the Marshall-Newman amendment. I’ve never been too fond of jumping blindly into a muddy stream. I won’t do it this time either. I’ll vote no. There … Continue reading

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Blogging the amendment

The Commonwealth Coalition has a new blog up – check it out.

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The heart of liberty

There has been a reasonably principled discussion of the underpinnings of support for/opposition to the Marshall-Newman amendment over at NoVA Townhall, with Joe expressing a willingness to examine whether the harm the amendment would do to families outweighs the perceived … Continue reading

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Today’s conservative reason to vote NO

“Leave me alone” conservatives should understand. If two adult individuals certify that they will be faithful to each other, share property, care for each other, and to be a couple until death do they part, why on earth would anybody with a heart want to say no, or worse yet, require the state to intervene in their most highly valued personal contract?
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