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Tolerance for child endangerment? No.

“Tolerance” is one of those mealy-mouth words that gets tossed around, often, it seems, as a strategy for avoiding something that really needs to be said. Let’s just be clear: Some things should never be tolerated. The reckless endangerment of … Continue reading

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Qualifications in the reality-based world

Have you heard this story? It seems that Jennifer Keeton, a young woman studying for a Masters in school counseling at Augusta State University, has found that the profession is not a good fit for her. Under normal circumstances, such … Continue reading

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Hate crimes in Leesburg

Update: Surveillance video of the vehicle is at the end of the post. Since it’s been all over the news since last night, most folks probably now know about the three assaults on African-American and Latino men in Leesburg. The … Continue reading

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The Cooch made him do it

We pointed it out here in the context of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors action adding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the County’s employment nondiscrimination policy, but in light of the ruling that found Prop 8 unconstitutional, it’s … Continue reading

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We have a winner

This may well be premature, but the award for Best Subject Line in the category Histrionic Email Blast in the wake of the grand-slam Prop 8 victory (ruling here) goes to Brian S. Brown of NOM: “Federal Judge Rules Marriage … Continue reading

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