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Guest speaker Rosaria Butterfield draws contrast with Patrick Henry College’s fear of dialogue

According to Patrick Henry College professor of government Stephen Baskerville, “PHC is an oasis of academic freedom in an inbred academic environment of stifling orthodoxy.” Given that over half of PHC’s faculty resigned within one year over precisely the issue … Continue reading

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A visit to Patrick Henry College

Patrick Henry College hosts an ongoing “newsmakers interview” series, and the guest Friday afternoon is a woman named Rosaria Butterfield, a resident of Purcellville. Dr. Butterfield “will discuss her new book, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert, detailing her … Continue reading

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Shocking flyers sent home with students

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the local evening news tonight. Leading up to every commercial break have been variations of this teaser: “Coming up – parents were shocked to discover that a controversial flyer had been sent home with students.” “Up … Continue reading

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At what point can we put to rest the soul-killing fantasy that people can or should change who they are in order to please the ignorant? John Smid, yet another long time “ex-gay” spokesman who has recanted, now acknowledges being … Continue reading

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Finally: Now Haggard wants to be clear: He supports civil marriage rights for gay couples. “The word marriage is a big deal to people of faith,” he says. “We’ve made it sacred. That’s why I believe that churches, synagogues, mosques, … Continue reading

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Physician, heal thyself

While the “American Family Association” was busy making silly statements about The Home Depot allegedly “exposing young children to lascivious displays of sexual conduct,” accusations that their own photos show to be ridiculous, there were revelations of real lascivious displays … Continue reading

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The pathos of PFOX

An excellent exposé of PFOX in the Washington City Paper, The Ex-Gay Movement that Wasn’t: Meet the city’s tiniest demographic, fleshes out their strategy – and introduces me to an amusing new word: “Everstraight.” In case you don’t know, that … Continue reading

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