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Another day, another painfully dumb lie

Because what else can they do, really? ACTIVIST JUDGE LEGALIZES POLYGAMY, JUST AS WE WARNED, screams the latest email from certified hate group “American Family Association” (mainly known at this time of year for their lucrative “war on Christmas” scam, … Continue reading

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The conservative case against Prop 8

A sizable number of Republicans have now joined the movement to defeat Prop 8 in California, along with the business community and virtually every newspaper, both large and small, in the state. The only paper so far to editorialize in … Continue reading

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Marriage equality: A way in

First, please forgive me for sharing this bit of unintentional humor. In the midst of a recent (yay!) substantive discussion about the meaning of the much-abused term “conservative,” a commenter who goes by the handle “t” (that’s supposed to be … Continue reading

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Conservative enough?

Is discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation really a “conservative” value? Not according to Ward Connerly, whom one would be hard-pressed to argue is not conservative enough. He opposes the current effort to deface the California state constitution with … Continue reading

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Finally getting the picture?

“Gay Bashing Not Effective Campaign Tactic,” says the post-election Equality Virginia press release, included below. It remains to be seen whether the lesson will sink in this time, but it’s becoming clear that voters in Virginia no longer reliably respond … Continue reading

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Matthew Shepard Act in RTD

Today in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, guest columnists Dyana Mason (executive director of Equality Virginia) and Rick Sincere (president of Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty, and also an EV member) present pro and con arguments, respectively, regarding the Matthew Shepard … Continue reading

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“Conservative” assimilationists

Our recent attempts at dialogue with local anti-gay blogger Barbara Curtis resulted only in deleted comments from her blog and a snarky aside purporting to explain why she’s not interested in an honest and open discussion about a subject she … Continue reading

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