Hall of Shame

These are the opinions of people who are not yet our friends.

Some of our fellow citizens are so determined to be included on our Hall of Shame page, they’ve managed to do it twice, or more. Maybe they should win a prize. See what the opponents of equality in our community have to say. We’re sorry they are upset, but appreciate their efforts to explain why they think we should be second class citizens.

Letters to the editor

Mischaracterized Debate | Paul Gozé
Protect Children from Those People | Paul Gozé
A Disastrous Sociology Experiment | Chris Stevenson
Mature judgment | C.R. Phillips
Cannot agree | Ric James
Play’s Foes Not Bigoted | Michelle Dunne
Behavior not normal | Stephen M. Price
Can’t defend homosexuality | Paul Gozé
“Out of Bounds” | Stephen Rollins
Play Crosses Line | Sugarland Run Supervisor Mick Staton
Dissent | Chris Stevenson
An Affront | Chris Stevenson
Community Review | Chris Stevenson
AGI Talking Points on Marshall/Newman Amendment | Catherine Arveseth
Piety amendment to the U.S. Constitition | Kenneth Reid, Ahmed Saad and Chris Stevenson
No Hate | Melanie Gentile

Press Releases

Steve Baldwin on the “Gay Agenda” | CNP director Steve Baldwin

Other correspondence

Email to Equality Loudoun from Steve Baldwin | CNP director Steve Baldwin

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