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Happy Holidays!

It’s hard not to see the frantic efforts of the anti-equality crowd in this instant classic: “Me, me, me, me, me, meee…” Rick Warren, is that you? Chuck Colson? Eugene? Ode to Joy. Enjoy!

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Pants on Fire

As discussed below, the LDS Church has objected in the strongest terms to the charge that they intended to invalidate any existing marriages or otherwise harm GLBT people, and has continued to demand that someone “apologize” for the ad that … Continue reading

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More vomitus from Mr. Delgaudio

Our own Loudoun County laughingstock Eugene Delgaudio has done it again: “We do not know if this arson and attempted murder was perpetrated by advocates of homosexual marriage, but the church has been the target of verbal attacks by the … Continue reading

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Complaint department

Rejected. Apparently, the Mormon Church (the regular one, not the fundamentalist splinter that arranges the rape of young girls and calls it “marriage”) is quite upset about the ad below, claiming that it constitutes “religious bigotry.” I’m afraid that this … Continue reading

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