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Other crimes against humanity we shouldn’t be talking about

As noted in the first comment on the Uganda post below, we were admonished by a frequently irritated visitor to this blog for talking about the crimes against humanity unfolding in Uganda. Apparently – and I don’t know how else … Continue reading

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Family Research Council doesn’t want your sympathy

“We have been the victims of violence long enough to know that violence is not the way to resolve political disagreements.” – Washington Blade editorial Within hours of Wednesday’s reported shooting inside the DC headquarters of the Family Research Council, … Continue reading

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No protected classes?

For years the line has been ‘no protected classes,’ and the first thing they throw in — very secretly — was a very protected class, and limited them from repercussions of their own actions. No protected classes, indeed. It’s important … Continue reading

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This is what hate speech encourages.

This is what hate speech gives people with violent inclinations license to do. When they are erroneously told, by someone like hate group leader Eugene Delgaudio, that gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender people are threatening to something they value, such … Continue reading

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The inevitable result of “it”

What you will see below is the result of people being told they should see other people as “it.” A woman is violently assaulted in a Baltimore McDonalds, dragged across the floor, repeatedly kicked in the head until she has … Continue reading

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Where’s our human rights advocate?

Where are you, Frank Wolf? Sometimes, when I suggest that you share the opinion of my humanity held by the likes of Dick Black, Sideshow Bob, and our professional bigot in Sterling, I’m told that no, you are a champion … Continue reading

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Hate crimes in Leesburg

Update: Surveillance video of the vehicle is at the end of the post. Since it’s been all over the news since last night, most folks probably now know about the three assaults on African-American and Latino men in Leesburg. The … Continue reading

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