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This week in anti-gay temper tantrums

First up: Oral arguments in Bostic v. Schaefer before the Fourth District Court of Appeals are scheduled for May 13. The court will be hearing the appeal of Judge Arenda Wright Allen’s ruling that struck down Virginia’s anti-marriage Marshall-Newman amendment. … Continue reading

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Religious freedom is for everybody

A funny thing happened when those who find marriage equality so upsetting started loudly complaining about alleged violations of their religious freedom: People whose religious freedom actually is being violated stepped forward. As reported last month, the first ever Witness … Continue reading

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This is why they’re called “hate groups”

[The lawsuit] boils down to nothing more than an attempt to define my Biblical views against homosexuality as a crime.. ..Clearly, this lawsuit is intended not only to silence me as an effective voice of opposition to the ‘gay’ agenda, … Continue reading

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Virginia GOP doubles down on detachment from reality

In his television ad, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli attempts to reinvent himself as a progressive (i.e., he wants viewers to see him as someone who “stands up for the vulnerable,” who prioritizes the prevention of sexual assault, who volunteers … Continue reading

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Worst argument ever

Marriage should be limited to unions of a man and a woman because they alone can “produce unplanned and unintended offspring,” opponents of gay marriage have told the Supreme Court. By contrast, when same-sex couples decide to have children, “substantial … Continue reading

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These Ten Things I wish the Church Knew About Homosexuality are all valuable for helping people shed their religious misunderstandings, but this one in particular applies always and everywhere: You cannot call it “special rights” when someone asks for the … Continue reading

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Vivianne: Sadly, no

Vivianne Rutkowski’s last comment, in a long and entertaining series she probably shouldn’t have made if she ever wants to work in Real Estate again, in response to an inquiry about finding someone a house in a community with specific … Continue reading

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