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As predicted, another teachable moment

The earth is flat; isn’t that obvious? I mean, it’s just so obvious, go outside and look. What!? How dare you suggest I don’t know! You have no right to force everyone to play along with your “world-not-flat” fantasy! I … Continue reading

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How many ways are there to say we’re winning?

I don’t know why, but this just made me chuckle. Blogger Phil Chroniger is posting a series of presidential candidate analyses in which he discusses the appeal of each candidate to both their own and the other party. In his … Continue reading

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Sorry for your discomfort

Look – it turns out that the Montgomery County Republicans have produced their very own imitation of Eugene Delgaudio: “Heil Hitler!” Adol T. Owen-Williams II, a Montgomery County Republican Central Committee member, shouted immediately after the vote from his third-row … Continue reading

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Must…attack…the gays

I suppose this doesn’t really merit a whole post, but it’s just too funny: …Days like this make me feel good about being a social conservative. Equality [fill in the blank] members can eat crow here. This remark concerns the … Continue reading

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Virginia just says no

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that Governor Tim Kaine has eliminated state funding for federally mandated “abstinence-only” programs; Virginia now joins 13 other states that have rejected this kind of fake sexuality “education.” The premise here shouldn’t be hard … Continue reading

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Finally getting the picture?

“Gay Bashing Not Effective Campaign Tactic,” says the post-election Equality Virginia press release, included below. It remains to be seen whether the lesson will sink in this time, but it’s becoming clear that voters in Virginia no longer reliably respond … Continue reading

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Mike George: The essence of police work, information from the community

This is the third in our series of interviews with the candidates for Loudoun County Sheriff. For the previous interviews and background, see: Greg Ahlemann talks about his tattoo, hate crimes, community policing and more Sheriff Steve Simpson: “I’m concerned … Continue reading

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