Gay-Marriage Proposal

Update: More on the irony of it all from Pam’s House Blend and Ex-Gay Watch.

Why the correct answer to the question, “So, are you two planning a trip to Canada?” is always “Nope, we’re holding out for a covenant marriage in Virginia.”

Washington Post
April 30, 2006
By William Saletan

Dearly beloved, we are gathered together to join two ideas in holy matrimony. On the right, covenant marriage, an option legalized by some states but widely shunned as too conservative. On the left, same-sex marriage, an option widely sought but outlawed as too radical. Covenant marriage, in which spouses choose to make divorce more difficult, has become a forlorn maiden, a home without a constituency. Meanwhile, the same-sex marriage movement has become a frustrated suitor, a constituency without a home. Let us bless them, that they may join as one flesh: gay covenant marriage.

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Read this. Seriously. The best line, possibly, is one that speaks directly to our local “Healthy Marriage Initiative” (see here and here):

[Those who claim to be protecting marriage] call for “mentor couples” and “influence within society” to promote marriage. Can you imagine a more powerful influence than finding out that the gay couple down the block has a stronger marriage than you do?

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